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ltr to AJC re airstrikes

April 1, 2017

Dear Atlanta Journal Constitution Editor,

This letter is written in response to your syndicated article titled, “AT & T to build network for first responders” published on p. A9 of today’s issue.  Yes, we support those civil servants who rescue citizens.  But please provide more details on Firstnet technology.  Undoubtedly, it has already been in the works for a long time. 

Perhaps a photographer can share images of network equipment so the citizenry can better understand its capabilities.  Details on Firstnet are especially needed.  Many people would be interested in the specifics of MHz and airwaves.

Unlike other AJC articles, this one about Firstnet is missing the writer’s name at the top.  Please provide it.  Where is the scribe? 

Many of my friends and relatives have worked for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, including my own mother Kemie Nix.  Please step up your game and restore its reputation as a quality publication.  Finally, I have gleaned tips on communicating with the media from the 2nd website, below.

Thank you,

Mary Hollowell

Mary Hollowell, Ph.D.

Peachtree City, GA

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March 29, 2017

Dear Atlanta Journal Constitution Editor,

This letter is in response to your published AP article titled “Airstrikes increase Iraqi civilian deaths.”  This was syndicated on page A3 of the March 29, 2017, issue of your newspaper.  I have many concerns and one request.

Rather than “probably” having a role in airstrikes, the U.S. certainly had a role.  And contrary to your article’s claims, it is quite possible that U.S. ammunition did collapse an entire building.  Regarding General Stephen Townsend, you write, “Townsend stressed no one should assume the destruction of the building was a deliberate act.”  It was a deliberate act.  Military leaders must tell the public the truth.

In addition, you quote General Townsend as saying, “Although our partners and the coalition have made mistakes that harmed civilians, we have never targeted them.” Evidence exists that civilians have been targeted.

You also write that Islamic state militants are brazenly using civilians as human shields.  Well, who funds ISIS?  The United States, for one.  See the video on ISIS and American airdropped weapons. 

Civilians must be protected and wars must end so peace can prevail.


                                                                                                          Mary Hollowell

                                                                                                          Peachtree City, GA

                                                                                                          C 770-883-3839     

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